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If you're not familiar with the concept, a tarotscope is a mini reading for your astrological sun sign. Last year I started writing a tarotscope column for Reach, which goes out on many of their local titles - WalesOnline, SomersetLive and so on.

It's a monthly thing, which is usually published the weekend before the transition from one sign to another, so the Taurus season 'scopes have just gone up.

They're kind of tongue in cheek, because obviously they're not each going to be relevant for one twelfth of readers - whether you believe in astrology or not, that isn't how it works, and in any case I'm no astrologer! My aim is to offer pearls of wisdom from the cards that could be useful to anyone and I encourage people to read all twelve, not just their own, to see what's there for them.

If this sounds like your jam, you can take a look here, or google 'tarotscopes' and your local Reach title.

Each month, I also send out a Compass Tarot newsletter, with a link to the tarotscopes, so if you want to get a heads-up when the latest 'scopes drop, you can sign up for that too - just click on the 'contact' tab and scroll up from there to find it.


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