Kind Words

“I have had two readings from Nia on an issue that is important to me. I was sceptical about tarot, and had no idea if it worked or how. I was surprised by how useful and insightful it was - to the point that it influenced an important life decision of mine. Nia makes you feel very comfortable, and listens to and understands what you are saying. And the results she comes out with are fascinating - so fascinating that I will return for more!”


November 2018

“As an astrologer, it can be refreshing to consult an alternative source of guidance and insight…Nia’s reading provided both an accurate overview of my situation and detailed examination of it in equal measure. She articulated previously unacknowledged feelings, highlighted key factors in my situation and illuminated with great clarity a way forward. Her suggestions, observations and guidance has proven to be spot-on in the nine months since my reading and I have many times had cause to reflect upon her words and their impressive accuracy. Nia is a warm, wise and caring woman whose commitment to providing meaningful and accessible readings is evident."

“Nia was kind and welcoming with a lovely relaxed atmosphere. The reading really wasn't what I was expecting and I was astounded by how quickly she was able to pinpoint specific issues for me.  Nia managed to cut straight to the heart of what was holding me back and give me hope for the future. The reading helped me to view my situation differently and to recognise what was really holding me back was myself. Six months later, my life and that of my family has changed for the better in so many ways. I am calmer, sleep better and am very happy with where I am in life.”


March, 2018

“Nia has been coaching me with how to read my own tarot cards…I thought that only psychics (and therefore not me) can ‘properly’ interpret them. But instead with Nia’s guidance, I am learning to read them with my own knowledge and interpretation. I had no idea how powerful this coaching was going to be, as I realised how reliant I had become on other people ‘guiding’ me along rather than listening to my own guidance. This has transferred to my everyday life, where I now take more time to quietly listen to my own compass and I am way more competent to live a wholehearted life than I gave myself credit”


Clinical Psychologist, November 2018

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