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Tarot is a practical tool for accessing clarity during times of challenge, stagnation or transition.

I offer tarot readings, workshops and classes in person in Exeter, Plymouth, Taunton and the surrounding areas as well as online via Zoom to anywhere in the world


We all have times when we feel overwhelmed or unclear about our best way forward. Different chapters in our lives bring different challenges, and tarot can provide a safe place for exploring fresh perspectives and examining your options, wherever you find yourself. 


A good tarot reading will leave you feeling centred, a little braver about your fears and clearer around your uncertainties. It will help you to connect with both your roots and your wings, so that you can embrace the things that challenge you to grow, without being knocked off your feet.


I offer one to one readings and also teach relational tarot, which focuses on building an individual relationship with a specific tarot deck, and using the cards to explore how we relate - to ourselves, each other and the world around us. My style of teaching is accessible and fun, we begin where you are and work from there.

About Me
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About me

To those who have never used a tarot deck or had a reading before, they can seem mysterious, or even intimidating. For me, the cards act as a lens: they are a useful tool for examining our experience from different angles and navigating our way through challenging times. The way that I use them is anything but mysterious and if you come to me for a reading, you’ll find me friendly and approachable. 

My Story

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When I first came to the tarot in 2010, it was as an intrigued sceptic; having listened to a friend talk about how useful she found them, I bought a cheap deck, just to make sure that there wasn’t anything in it for me. My very first reading for myself, using a book as a guide, gave me several useful insights which at the time blew my mind. Within days, I was convinced it had been a fluke. This pattern repeated itself multiple times over a couple of years, before I really began to trust the process of reading the cards.

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My Approach

I am a self-taught tarot reader, influenced by lots of amazing tarot readers and writers including Yoav Ben-Dov, Rachel Pollack, Beth Maiden of Little Red Tarot and Evvie Marin of Interrobang Tarot. I started using the tarot for myself in 2010 and began reading for friends and others in 2015.

I call my way of working with the cards ‘relational tarot’, because it’s all about relationships: between the reader, the client and the deck; between the cards themselves, both within a reading and in our understanding of the deck as a whole. The work we do with the tarot, the questions we ask, are invariably focused on our relationships - with ourselves, each other, the fabric of our lives and the world around us.


As well as reading the cards for people, I love helping them learn to read the tarot for themselves. Reading the cards gives you a fantastic tool, for self knowledge and exploration; it means that you don’t have to be reliant on someone else to interpret the cards for you, and encourages growth and new perspectives.

It’s a privilege to bear witness to people’s vulnerabilities and strengths, both as a reader and a teacher, I feel very lucky to be doing this work.

Kind Words

“I have had two readings from Nia on an issue that is important to me. I was sceptical about tarot, and had no idea if it worked or how. I was surprised by how useful and insightful it was - to the point that it influenced an important life decision of mine. Nia makes you feel very comfortable, and listens to and understands what you are saying. And the results she comes out with are fascinating - so fascinating that I will return for more!”


November 2018

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